“PAPERS OF ISLAMIC MANUSCRIPTS AS GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATORS” Anne Regourd, CNRS, Paris Wednesday, November 18th, 12:30pm EST [Online] Silsila Fall 2020 Lecture Series, Islam in Africa: Material Histories

12 Nov
© Picture Anne Regourd, courtesy IES, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The issue of the trade routes of Islamic manuscript papers ultimately leads us to reflect on paper as a geographical indicator, on its ability to allow us to locate the production of a manuscript. Based on the study of a few cases, we will question the relevance of the hypothesis of paper as a geographical indicator and discuss the methodology it implies for obtaining reliable data.

Anne Regourd has been the Scientific Director of the Program for safeguarding manuscripts of Zabid (Yemen) since 2001. She is the editor of A. Regourd (ed.), The Trade in Papers Marked with Non-Latin Characters. Documents & History, Leiden, E.J. Brill, 2018, which includes her comparative studies on 19th-20th papers used in Yemen and Ethiopia. She is the Director of the Journal Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémenwww.cdmy.orgDate: Wednesday, November 18thTime: 12:30-2:30pm EST
Location: Online

This event will take place as a live Webinar at 12:30pm EST (New York time). To register as an attendee, please use the following link:
Only registered attendees will be able to access this event.Silsila: Center for Material Histories is an NYU center dedicated to material histories of the Islamicate world. Each semester we hold a thematic series of lectures and workshops, which are open to the public. Details of the Center can be found at: 


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