The Fine Arts Society: Ring Out the Old Board, Ring in the New!

15 May

The sad news: we must bid farewell to this year’s simply stellar Fine Arts Society executive board — Co-Presidents Emma Holter and Austin Bowes, Treasurer Chantal Chan, Secretary Grace Lubin, Marketing Chair Shoshana Edelman, and E-Board members Summer Perlow, Julia Oxman, and Emiliya Trakhtenberg. Thank you all for your remarkable work, which helped to make this year a truly spectacular one for the Department of Art History’s CAS student club. And congratulations and best wishes to all of the executive board members who are graduating this year. We will miss you, and we hope that you will keep in touch.

The good news: it is a pleasure to introduce the Fine Arts Society’s executive board for the 2017-18 academic year:

Co-Presidents:  Shoshana Edelman (French/Art History ’18) and Sophia Do (Art History/French ’18)

Secretary:  Eduardo Sotomayor (Art History ’19)

Treasurer:  Alice Sebban (Art History ’19)

PR/Marketing Chair:  Chantal Chan (Art History/French ’19)

Executive Board Members:  Victoria Bik (Gallatin, concentrating in English Literature/Art History/Music History ’19), Austin Bowes (Art History; Gender & Sexuality Studies minor ’18), Tony Cui (Art History ’19), Julia Drayson (Art History; Public Policy minor ’18), and Lily Sadeghi-Nejad (Urban Design & Architecture Studies; Business Management minor ’19)

It is great to see that the board will have a mix of energetic returning members and equally energetic new ones. Many thanks to all of you for your willingness to serve on the board of the Department of Art History’s CAS student club.





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