NYU M.A. in Historical and Sustainable Architecture Fall Open House / Information Session for 2017-18

30 Jan


 Monday, February 6, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Silver Center 307

100 Washington Square East

 Looking for a future path?  Love old buildings?  Why not make them new again?  NYU’s London-based M.A. Program provides an immersion in adaptive reuse and sustainable building practice. Come learn about the program at our spring open house, featuring presentations about our faculty and curriculum, along with admissions information for 2017-18, and a discussion of career opportunities in the field. Program directors and alumni will be there to discuss the program and answer your questions.

The Master of Arts Degree in Historical and Sustainable Architecture is a nine-month program focusing on the creative reuse of older buildings.  In an era when the demolition of older buildings has been recognized, not just as a loss to the urban fabric but also as a major source of environmental pollution, retaining historic structures and using them for new purposes is increasingly desirable –and profitable.  This program explores innovative ways to reconcile real estate development with historical preservation and environmental protection by recycling existing structures.  The course of study combines academic training and research with experiential learning opportunities, and the program operates within the framework of New York University’s London program.

For more information, see our web pages at:



Please contact us with any inquiries or questions at our email address:





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