Art Crimes, Opening Reception Today!

12 Dec

For the first time, the Department of Art History is offering Art Crime and the Law, a course that examines illegal activities in the art world. As one of the nation’s premiere institutions for the study of art history, NYU presents this course as it is valuable for professionals entering the art market to grasp the significance of legal issues regulating the creation and trade of art. Topics covered include heritage destruction during conflict; WWII era looting and Nazi appropriation of art; thefts from museums and private collectors; complex forgery schemes; tomb raiding and the illicit antiquities market; restitution and repatriation litigations; vandalism and street art; museum acquisition standards; collecting practices and provenance investigations; and the emerging strategies of accumulating art as an investment. “Whether it’s Nazi plunder, the still-unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft of 1990 in Boston, or, confronting us today, the destruction wrought at the ancient sites of Palmyra and Nineveh in present-day Syria and Iraq, respectively, crime against art is far-reaching in its ripple effects,” said Department of Art History chair Dennis Geronimus. “It is crime perpetrated not just against physical artifacts but against the people and cultures that value, protect, and preserve them. The preservation of cultural heritage cannot be more timely or urgent as a topic of serious inquiry, and I’m very encouraged to see it happen here at NYU.”



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