New Student Club

19 Sep

Here is our club Mission Statement:

Students are often advised to focus on one primary area of study and related fields: biology and chemistry, history and Philosophy, etc. But what about traditionally unrelated fields: photography and physics, film and computer science? If you are interested in seemingly different fields within the arts and the sciences, or even in just one pair of these areas,  The Golden Relationship: Art & Science is a club for you. It’s a haven where artists, scientists, musicians, and engineers can participate in events about their primary fields but also learn about the contrasting field, be it art or science. Through museum trips, student and teacher lectures, and creative interdisciplinary workshops, students discover the intricate relationship between these two supposedly opposite fields. To deny that science is a vital part of art and vice versa is simply an outdated limitation.

Additionally, We have an emailing list that is accessible by this link:

And a Facebook page at:

We have our first event this Friday! Here is a description of it.

MUSIC OF REALITY – 23rd of September – Preconcert Event 5 PM – 6th Floor Meyer Hall

An evening of music and science with physics Professor Matthew Kleban, Dr. Tae Hong Park of the music department, and pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek and composer David Ibbett performing original music for piano and live electronics. The theme of the event is the nature and study of noise in our world – from mapping urban noise pollution, to analyzing the Cosmic Microwave Background.

We warmly invite all those interested in the intersection of music and science to join us for our Preconcert Event – including a preview performance, an interactive musical workshop, and open discussions on how music and science can assist one another in today’s world.

All attendees are encouraged to download one of these free apps: “Saucillator” (Android) or “Nebulous Theremin Synth” (iPhone).

Preconcert Event

5:00 PM

6th floor conference room

Meyer Hall

Music of Reality at The NoiseGate Festival 2016

8:00 PM

Steinhardt – 35 W 4th St

Recital Hall (Room 303)

Free admission

Music of Reality is an event series founded by pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek and composer David Ibbett that combines the worlds of art, music, science, and discovery.

We hope to see you there!

Until then, enjoy the crossroads of art and science in this 2001: A Space Odyssey themed Tame Impala video:

Thank you!


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