Ink and Image 8 has been published!

6 Sep


Ink and Image, New York University’s journal of undergraduate research in the history of art, architecture, and urban design, published its eighth issue last month. The articles published in each issue of Ink and Image develop out of term papers and other research conducted by students in advanced Art History and Urban Design courses, independent studies, and senior honors theses.

The journal’s editors for the 2015-16 academic year were Barron Brocksmith, Sarah Lubin, and Anqi Xu, all Art History majors and members of the class of 2016. As in many years past, Professor Carol Krinsky provided guidance and assistance as the journal’s faculty advisor and editor.

Four articles, all by current NYU undergraduates or departmental alumni, appear in the eighth issue. The authors and their essays are as follows:

Patrick Bova (Gallatin ’18), “The Nine Worthies: Constructing Historical Space and Chivalric Identities.”

Daniela Mayer (Art History ’16), “Hidden in Plain Sight: ‘Secret’ Cult Temples in the Culturally Diverse City of Dura-Europos.”

Meredith Menache (Art History ’15), “Monsters of World War II: Categorizing the Monsters in Propaganda Posters.”

Maria Khimulya (Art History ’15), “Early Russian Icons: Spiritual and Political at the Convergence of Heaven and Earth.”

Ink and Image was founded in 2008-09 by department alumni Malcolm St. Clair (Urban Design and Architecture Studies ’09) and Alexis Wang (Art History ’09) with the goal of expanding the community of scholars at NYU by publishing original undergraduate research in the history and theory of art and architecture. Former College of Arts & Science Dean Matthew Santirocco and Dean Sally Sanderlin provided crucial support toward the launch of Ink and Image, which continues to benefit from the support of the current CAS Dean, Gabrielle Starr, the CAS administration and Student Council, and the Department of Art History. You can read about previous issues of the journal in our earlier posts.

Ink and Image is distributed to the New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Getty Research Institute, as well as Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and Technical University in Dresden, Germany.

Hearty congratulations to the authors and editors on their splendid achievements. Please stop by the Department of Art History and pick up a copy of Ink and Image 8. *

*This is a corrected version of the original blog post.




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