A Message from DAH Alumna, Ksenia Nouril

1 Sep

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the start of a new semester, I wanted to remind you of post, an online resource devoted to art and the history of modernism in a global context from The Museum of Modern Art. With a primary focus on modern and contemporary art outside North America and Western Europe, this website features contributions by individuals and institutions from around the world and makes behind-the-scenes research at MoMA available to a broader public. Essays, interviews, travel research reports, artists’ commissions, archival materials, translated sources, and bibliographies reflect perspectives emerging from leading scholars and curators around the world. post is the public face of Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives (C-MAP), the cross-departmental, internal research program at MoMA that fosters the multiyear study of art histories outside North America and Western Europe. There are currently three C-MAP research groups, focusing on Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Recent content includes but is not limited to:


I hope you will have a chance to check out the resources on post, as thy are excellent supplements to modern and contemporary art courses with a global focus.


Ksenia Nouril


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