URDS student, Thomas Sheridan, wins Rudin Internship Scholarship

16 Nov


Thomas Sheridan, a senior in CAS with a double major in Environmental Studies and Urban Design & Architecture Studies, (and a minor in Psychology) was awarded the College of Arts and Science Rudin Internship Scholarship.

The May and Samuel Rudin Memorial Internship Scholarship is a stipend of up to $1,000. It is intended partially to free students from outside job commitments for the semester in which they are registered for a CAS internship. The winner is chosen based on academic merit and the merit of the proposed internship. Letters of recommendation are required from the applicants’ internship and faculty supervisors and the internships must contain substantive academic content through some combination of journals, regular meetings with the sponsoring professor, reading assignments, and full-length term papers.

Thomas provided the following information about himself:

I’m originally from Rockland County (about 35 minutes outside of NYC). I’m the youngest of eight kids raised by a single mom. I currently live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with my two good friends from NYU. I love environmental science, going for bike rides, dancing to all different music, going to concerts, meeting new people and traveling.

I studied abroad my junior year in Berlin, Germany to learn more about how Germany and Europe approach green spaces in cities. I want to work towards creating sustainable environments in cities. But ultimately, I just want to perform work that I enjoy and improve individual’s lives and people’s relationship to the earth. I’m really just a big kid at heart that tries to enjoy everyday and promote good in the world.

I have most recently been interning with The Lowline, a nonprofit working towards the development of the world’s first underground park. They plan to use new technology to irrigate sunlight below ground in an old abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


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