Senior Honors Thesis 2015-16 Student Information Session Today!

3 Mar



Department of Art History, Urban Design and Architecture Studies

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Silver Center 301

100 Washington Square East

Please join Professor Jon Ritter for an information session about writing a Senior Honors Thesis in our department, with details about how to apply to write one in 2015-16. Students wishing to graduate with departmental honors must write a Senior Honors Thesis. The process requires students to master a body of existing scholarship, to conduct in-depth scholarly research, and to write a long text (ca. 40 pages) presenting an original analysis of a topic. The thesis should present new information and complex ideas of interest to specialists, while being written in clear language accessible to non-specialists. It is a formidable task, serving as a capstone to students’ undergraduate studies. The thesis will introduce students to graduate-level work in art history, although it should not be viewed simply as a step on the way to graduate school.  Writing a senior thesis provides valuable training in research, organization, and self-expression, all of which will be useful to students planning careers a wide range of fields.

Admission to the Senior Honors Thesis program requires a GPA of 3.65 or higher in Art History/Urban Design courses and also an overall grade point average in CAS of at least 3.65. The required GPA is not, by itself, sufficient for admission to the Honors Thesis program, however; the faculty also considers an applicant’s proposed topic and a writing sample in making admissions decisions.

If you are abroad or cannot attend this information session, you may contact Professor Ritter directly at:


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