Innovations in Adaptive Reuse in the UK: An introduction to the NYU M.A. in Historical and Sustainable Architecture

14 Jan

King’s Cross Regeneration Plan, 2010-pres.


Astley Castle, 12th century, before


Astley Castle, 12th century, after, restored by The Landmark Trust, Witherford, Watson, Mann Architects, 2007-2012 (Stirling Prize, 2013)



Mosette Broderick and Jon Ritter, Program Directors

Thursday, January 29, 2015, 6:30 pm

Silver Center 307

100 Washington Square East


Looking for a future path?  Love old buildings?  Why not make them new again?  Join Professors Broderick and Ritter for a survey of recent innovations in adaptive reuse in the UK, as well as an introduction to NYU’s London-based M.A. Program. Come learn how to enter the field of adaptive reuse and sustainable building practice at our spring open house. Professors Broderick and Ritter will discuss recent projects and answer questions about admissions for 2015-16; our faculty and curriculum; and career opportunities in the field.

Sponsored by the NYU M.A. in Historical and Sustainable Architecture

For more information, see our web pages.


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