Professor Lucy Freeman Sandler’s latest book published by The British Library and University of Toronto Press

13 Jan

Sandler cover



Congratulations to Helen Gould Sheppard Professor Emerita of Art History and former department chair Lucy Freeman Sandler on the recent publication of her book, Illuminators and Patrons in Fourteenth-Century England: The Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun and the Manuscripts of the Bohun Family.

The book has as its focus London, British Library MS Egerton 3277, a richly illuminated psalter and book of hours that is one of a group of ten surviving religious and devotional manuscripts and fragments written and decorated from the 1350s to the 1380s for members of the Bohun family, earls of Hereford, Essex and Northampton, and among late medieval England’s most important aristocratic families. The Bohun manuscripts are noteworthy not only for the miniaturist, jewel-like quality of their illumination and the intricacy and ingenuity of their iconographic programs, but also for the degree to which they bear witness to the Bohuns’ religious and devotional priorities, the variegated dimensions of their cultural patronage, their strategies of self-representation, their social and political world-views, and, not least, the nature of their relationships with their artist-retainers, who were long-serving members of the Bohun household and their noble employers’ intimates. All of these issues are given magisterial treatment in the present book, which also gathers together all of Professor Sandler’s earlier, important articles on the Bohun manuscripts. The book is accompanied by a DVD reproducing every page in images that can be enlarged by the viewer to show the smallest details of the illustrations.

To celebrate the publication of Illuminators and Patrons in Fourteenth-Century England, and to honor Professor Sandler’s nearly sixty years of support of The British Library and her seminal work on its manuscripts, The British Library and AMARC (The Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections) organized a conference, held on Monday, December 1st, 2014 at the British Library. English Fourteenth-Century Illuminated Manuscripts: A Conference featured papers by Paul Binski (University of Cambridge), Nigel Morgan (University of Cambridge), Kathryn A. Smith (Department of Art History, New York University), Alixe Bovey (University of Kent), Julian Luxford (University of St. Andrews), and Professor Sandler herself. More than 140 delegates attended the conference.

For more information about Professor Sandler and her work, see our March 7, 2011 blogpost.


Kathryn A. Smith


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