Exhibition by Professor Jules Lubbock, Historic and Sustainable Architecture in London

24 Sep
Professor Emeritus Jules Lubbock who teaches a survey of historical interiors at the Geoffrey and V & A Museum collections in our London MA program did an exhibition of the architecture of his ‘red brick university’– the University of Essex–for its 50th anniversary this weekend. See the guide here.
Jules Lubbock is an expert both on Architecture and Urbanism and on Italian Renaissance Art. His new book, Storytelling in Christian Art from Giotto to Donatello, (Yale 2006) explains how artists solved difficult problems in representing the biblical stories; it has received critical acclaim. The Tyranny of Taste (Yale 1995) explains how British architecture and design between 1550 and 1960 was shaped by economic and moral concerns. He is just beginning work on a sequel, Trashing Taste, covering the period since the Sixties from an international perspective. He is also co-author of a history of British architectural education, Architecture: Art or Profession (Manchester 1994). As architecture critic of the New Statesman and a speechwriter to the Prince of Wales he helped promote the policy of New Urbanism. He was Director of a major AHRB research project on the relationship between post-war architecture and ideas of personal identity –Concepts of Self in the Theory and Practice of Architecture and Town-Planning since 1945′ which was completed in August 2006.



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