The Fine Arts Society: ring out the old board, ring in the new!

29 Apr

Great thanks to this year’s terrific Fine Arts Society executive board — Co-Presidents Olivia Zhang and Linse Kelbe, Treasurer Valerie Itteilag, Secretary Eliza Blackman, PR officer Dorothy Vickery, Co-Archivists Sarah Bigler and Da Young Kim, Marketing Chair Elizabeth Fazzare, and Board Members Caitlin Wood, Rachel Weinert, and Thomas Fallon — for steering the club with such panache and for putting together a dynamic program of events for the 2013-14 academic year (see our February 18th, 2014 blogpost). And congratulations and best wishes to all of the executive board members who are graduating this year.


It is a pleasure to introduce the club’s executive board for the 2014-15 academic year:

Valerie Itteilag (Art History; Urban Design & Architecture Studies minor ’15) – Co-President

Nora Gorman (Art History; History minor ’15) – Co-President

Chloe Choi (Biochemistry ’15) – Treasurer

Thomas Fallon (Art History/French ’15) – Secretary

Daria Zlobina (Art History; French minor ’15) – Marketing Chair

Ozana Plemenitash (Art History; French/Politics minor ’16) – Archivist

Sarah Bigler (Art History ’16) – Board Member

Oriana Mansur (Politics; French minor ’17) – Board Member

Yuxi Hou (Art History ’15) – Board Member

Ali Guglielminetti (Art History ’16) – Board Member

It’s great to see so many returning executive board members. Many thanks to all of you for your willingness to serve on the board of our CAS student club.




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