Professor Finbarr Barry Flood to lecture in Vienna and Leiden later this month

19 Nov


Finbarr Barry Flood, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of the Humanities, Institute of Fine Arts and College of Arts and Science, who teaches Islamic art, architecture, and material culture in the Department of Art History and at the Institute of Fine Arts, will deliver two lectures in Europe later this month.

The first paper, “Transcultural Elements in Twelfth-Century Himalayan Art:  A Comparative Perspective,” will be the keynote lecture to the 3rd colloquium of SEECHAC (European Society for the Study of Himalayan and Central Asiatic Civilizations).  The theme of the colloquium is “Interaction in the Himalayas and Central Asia: Processes of Transfer, Translation and Transformation in Art, Archaeology, Religion and Polity from Antiquity to the Present Day.”  Professor Flood’s lecture will take place at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna on November 25th.

From Vienna Professor Flood will travel to Leiden, where, on November 29th, he will deliver the 3rd annual Adrian Gebrands Lecture at the Foundation for Ethnology and Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden University. The title of the lecture is “Sanctified Sandals: Imaging the Prophet in an Era of Technological Reproduction.”  Professor Flood’s lecture will cap the symposium Hajj: Global Interactions through Pilgrimage, which will take place on November 28th-29th at the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde. The lecture also is connected to the museum’s exhibition Longing for Mecca: The Pilgrim’s Journey.

For an abstract of Professor Flood’s Leiden lecture, go here.

And for more information about Professor Flood and his work, go here. 

Kathryn A. Smith



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