Two lectures by Professor Miriam Basilio

11 Sep


Earlier this year, Miriam Basilio, Associate Professor of Art History and Museum Studies, lectured on “The Evolving Latin American Canon” at the Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), in a two-day international symposium, From the Other Shore:  Narratives and Perspectives on Spanish & Latin American Art.  The symposium, which took place on May 1-2, 2013, was organized to “analyze the various ways in which ideas and perceptions about Spanish and Latin American art have evolved in the last decades…” Professor Basilio’s talk relates to her current book project, which focuses on the role of Alfred Barr in defining the “problematic term ‘Latin-American art’” through his particular strategies of collection and display at The Museum of Modern Art. Here is the full program of the symposium; Professor Basilio’s talk and the Q&A session afterward are here and here.

Professor Basilio also will lecture at the Institute of Fine Arts next month.  On October 1, she will speak on “The Evolving Canon:  Latin American Art at MoMA, 1945-55” as part of the Institute’s Latin American Forum.


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