The Fine Arts Society: ring out the old board, ring in the new!

20 May

Great thanks to this year’s terrific Fine Arts Society executive board — co-presidents Olivia Zhang and Riad Kherdeen, treasurer Valerie Itteilag, secretary Nora Gorman, PR officer Vivian Chen, and board member Emily Yang — for putting together a wonderful program of events for the 2012-13 academic year (see our April 17th, 2013 blogpost).

It is a pleasure to introduce the club’s executive board for the 2013-14 academic year:

Olivia Zhang ’14 – Co-President

Linse Kelbe ’14 – Co-President

Valerie Itteilag ’15 – Treasurer

Eliza Blackman ’14 – Secretary

Sarah Bigler ’16 – Co-Archivist

Da Young Kim ’14 – Co-Archivist

Dorothy Vickery ’14 – PR Officer

Elizabeth Fazzare ’14 – Marketing Chair

Caitlin Wood ’14 – Board Member

Rachel Weinert ’14 – Board Member

Thomas Fallon ’15 – Board Member

Many thanks to all of you for your willingness to serve on the board of our CAS student club.








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