Art History Writing Workshop!

15 Apr

Writing Workshop_April 18

The Department of Art History invites all interested art history students to the first-ever Writing Workshop this Thursday, April 18th, from 12.30-2.00 pm in Room 301.

The workshop will be run by our current writing tutors from the Institute of Fine Arts, Marci Kwon (3rd-year Ph.D. candidate) and Rachel Boate (2nd-year Ph.D. candidate). Chances are, you have already met them and profited from their sage advice during their weekly office hours here in the Department.

Marci and Rachel will address a range of issues that many of you have encountered — or will soon encounter — in your writing assignments, whether they assume the form of object studies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MoMA, exhibition reviews, brief critical responses or longer independent research papers. We hope that the scheduling of our workshop is especially timely, in light of the fast-approaching deadlines for papers in your various classes. Topics to be addressed are to include the general challenges of writing an art history paper (i.e., how to write clearly yet descriptively, how to engage in sensitive visual analysis), as well as the technical fundamentals of writing any academic paper (close editing, footnote and endnote formatting, bibliographic citations, engaging titles). Finally, Marci and Rachel hope to discuss the research process itself. How does one settle on a topic and proceed to generate a compelling argument? Where and how does one most productively search — whether it is in libraries or online databases — for the most useful primary and secondary sources? What are the best image databases?

We hope to see all of you there. Opportunities for such wide-ranging, face-to-face discussions about the craft of writing do not come around all too often. Do take advantage!


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