Graduate Student Symposium in Nineteenth-Century Art

21 Mar

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On March 22, NYU will host the Tenth Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Nineteenth-Century Art. The symposium is sponsored by the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art, an international organization that fosters scholarship in all areas of visual studies of the period. Visiting Professor Patricia Mainardi is the Program Coordinator for AHNCA, and has arranged for the event to be held here, in the Department of Art History, this year. In a day of formal presentations and informal discussion, graduate students share their dissertation research with a wide audience. NYU is always well-represented – this year with two students from IFA – but the program itself varies from year to year in terms of national representation and topics. Many of the earliest participants are now professors of art history themselves, and the audience always includes several alums from previous symposia. One feature that has, no doubt, contributed to its prestige of the symposium is the $1000 award donated annually by the Dahesh Museum, combined with the opportunity to publish the prize-winning paper inNineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, the online peer-reviewed journal of the Association. The symposium is free, open to the public, and no reservations are required. The program is available at here.


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