Meet Our New Administrative Aide, Ayanna Wilson

29 Jan



The DAH is thrilled to have a new Administrative Aide, Ayanna Wilson. Before joining NYU Ayanna worked at and earned her BA in Political Science at York College. York is one of the smaller CUNY colleges with a community of only about 6,500 students. At York Ayanna began as an Enrollment Officer and Recruiter for their SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge) Program, an HEO program that supports educationally and economically disadvantaged high school graduates. She later moved to the Office of Student Development and was the “division creative” for all newsletters, flyers, posters and brochures for the 11 departments in the division.  Ayanna has worked in various schools and departments at NYU as a temp since last April—mostly with faculty and upper administration—including the College of Nursing and the Social Psychology Program. She loves higher education and her goal is to eventually open a school in the country of her birth, Trinidad and Tobago. Ayanna enjoys travelling, graphic design, hard science fiction novels, and low culture. Please stop by and introduce yourself to Ayanna!


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