‘Ink and Image’ publishes its Fourth Issue

7 May

Ink and Image, New York University’s journal of undergraduate research in the history of art, architecture, and urban design, published its fourth issue earlier this month.

The journal’s student editors for the 2011-12 academic year were Art History majors Alexander Ciesielski ’12, James Newhouse ’12, and Hillary Pearson ’12.  The cover was designed by Suzy Shaheen, Art History ’10.  Once again, Professor Carol Krinsky provided invaluable assistance as faculty advisor.  Seven articles, all by undergraduates studying at NYU, appear in the fourth issue.  The authors and their essays are as follows:

–Kaylee Alexander (Art History ’13), “Revelations and Sublimity: A Deeper Look into Géricault’s Evening: Landscape with an Aqueduct.

–Renny Grinshpan (Art History ‘12), “The Cultural Hybridity of Swadeshi Art.”

–Alicia Caticha (Art History ’12), “The Politics of Photography: The International Movement Against the Vietnam War in the American Press.”

–Julia Gage (Art History ’12), “The Arab Image Foundation: Picturing Narratives.”

–Dina Münzfeld (International Exchange Student from the Humboldt University of Berlin), “The Organic Modernism of Hans Scharoun (1893-1972).”

–Nick Kazmierski (Urban Design and Architecture Studies ’14), “Rethinking the Flaktürme: Cases of Adaptive Reuse in Germany and Austria.”

–Eun Jin Kang (Comparative Literature/Cinema Studies ‘12), “The Eyes that Wander: The Modern Vision of Architecture as Cinematic Expression of Space.”

Ink and Image was founded in 2009 by department alumni Malcolm St. Clair ’09 and Alexis Wang ’09 with the goal of expanding the community of scholars at NYU by publishing original undergraduate research in the history and theory of art and architecture.  St. Clair and Wang served as executive editors of the inaugural issue, while Adrian Marshall ’10 served as associate editor and Professor Kenneth Silver as faculty advisor.  The first issue featured articles by Art History majors Chase Booker, Alexander Kauffman, Natalie Dûpecher, and Michael DeNiro.   Marshall and Kauffman edited Issue 2, which included articles by Alex Govenar, Anne Feng, and Hannah Green, all Art History majors or minors.  Issue 3, edited by Art History majors Sofia Chirico ’11 and Mia Laufer ’11, and John Kwiatkowski, Gallatin ’11, featured articles by Lindsey Berfond, Whitney Theis, Christopher Purpura, and Sam Siegel and Peter Spalding, all Art History or Urban Design majors (see our May 27th, 2011 post).  Professor Krinsky served as faculty advisor for the second and third issues, and Professor Mosette Broderick, Director of the Urban Design and Architecture Studies program, provided additional valuable advice.

The articles published in each issue of Ink and Image develop out of term papers and other research conducted by students in advanced Art History and Urban Design courses, independent studies, and senior honors theses.

College of Arts & Science Dean Matthew Santirocco and Dean Sally Sanderlin provided crucial support toward the launch of Ink and Image, which continues to benefit from the support of both the CAS administration and the CAS Student Council.   Ink and Image is distributed to the New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Getty Research Institute, as well as Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and Technical University in Dresden, Germany.  This year’s student editors are working to distribute the journal to an even wider range of libraries and institutions; we are grateful to Lucy Oakley, Head of Education and Programs at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery, for valuable advice in this regard.

On May 7th, the editors, student authors, and Art History and Urban Design celebrated the publication of Ink and Image 4 with a reception in the Department of Art History.  All present were particularly delighted to welcome back to the Department Malcolm St. Clair and Alexis Wang, the journal’s founding editors.  St. Clair is presently Database Manager and Development Associate at St. Bernard’s School, an independent boys’ school on the Upper East Side; Wang is an associate in the Private Sales department at Christie’s.

Kathryn A. Smith


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