Professor Mosette Broderick Interviewed on ABC Live Well Network’s Uncover New York

10 Feb

This segment will air tonight, Friday, February 10, on Time Warner Cable channel 163 at 6:30 PM. If Time Warner is not your provider look at this.

From the NY Palace website:

The New York Palace is no stranger to the bright lights of television and the movies, but our historic hotel will be stepping onto center stage for an upcoming segment on the new show Uncover New York, which will air on the ABC Live Well Network. The program will focus on the elegant architecture and rich history of The Palace’s historical Villard Houses and will feature Mosette Broderick, co-author of The Villard Houses.

The Villard Houses, constructed in 1882 and granted landmark status in 1968, stands among New York’s most notable architecture. The houses’ rich brownstone walls surround an elegant courtyard that contrasts with the bustle of Madison Avenue just a few feet away. The houses served a variety of purposes through the decades, with a hotel (then called the Helmsley Palace Hotel)  opening at the site in 1980. The hotel added a 55-story tower behind the houses, complementing the original brownstone detail with a clean, sleek glass façade.  The Palace has spent millions on restoration projects to keep the exterior and interior of the structure in stellar shape. The houses are now known as the Villard Mansion, containing Michelin Two-Star GILT Restaurant, GILT Bar, The Palace Gate outdoor lounge and stylish event spaces, including the Madison Room, The Library and the Drawing Room.

Broderick, the Director of Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University, will discuss the compelling history and rich design detail of The Palace’s Villard Houses,  as well as the  architectural features that allow the structure to stand out today, 130 years after its construction. The Uncover New York segment on The New York Palace’s Villard Houses will air in early February, on the ABC Live Well Network.

 Over the years, The New York Palace has acted as more than Midtown’s most luxurious hotel. As an officially designated historic landmark, the Villard Houses are a must-visit for any architecture connoisseur or New York City history buff. Because of their iconic status and elegance, the grounds have served as a favorite filming location for many notable television shows and movies in recent years. Some of the most famous shots from signature New York City shows – Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Law & Order, and others – have taken place in the elegant rooms, dining venues and courtyard of our hotel.


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