Attention Urban Design Students: An exciting event TONIGHT!

18 Jan

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
Wednesday, January 18
Bar opens at 7pm / Screening at 7:30pm

*Post-screening Q&A with Joseph Heathcott,
Associate Professor of Urban Studies at The New School

Pruitt-Igoe was a low-cost segregated public housing project in St. Louis, MO. First occupied in 1954 only to be demolished eighteen years later, this ambitious project (designed by World Trade Center architect Minoru Yamasaki) has achieved legendary status as a failure of amongst architects, politicians and policy makers. But what can we learn from its story beyond simplistic conclusions about public housing? Using poignant testimonies from some of the project’s residents, insights from journalists and sociologists and a wealth of vivid archival footage, director Chad Friedrichs traces the complex story of Pruitt-Igoe from its hopeful beginnings through its violent decay and notorious implosion. Taking an expansive approach to the project’s history, Friedrichs explores the social, economic and legislative issues behind the birth and decline of conventional public housing in post-WWII American cities and the personal narratives of those who lived through it.

“[The film] combines concise but thoroughgoing sociological-historical analysis and elegant cinematic resources in service of an uncommonly artful example of film journalism.” – Robert Koehler, Variety

(Directed by Chad Friedrichs; 83 minutes; 2011; U.S.; in English)

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