Staff News

7 Mar

Thomaï Serdari, the Department of Art History’s Director of Research Collections, taught her eighth honors thesis seminar this fall.  She completed an MBA at the Stern School of Business (Class of 2009), where she received distinction for her work on valuation and financing of private companies.  Dr. Serdari has begun work on product and fashion design as well as luxury objects and the business of art.  She has completed assignments in the luxury retail sector advising companies on their business planning.  Dr. Serdari will teach “Entrepreneurship in the Business of Art” for the Department of Art History in May 2011, and she is designing a new class, “Modernity and Cultures of Excess in Fashion and Product Design,” which she’ll teach in spring 2012.  She is also working on a Harvard Business Case analyzing the business strategy of an internationally renowned art gallery.  She blogs regularly on topics related to private enterprise and entrepreneurship:  Dr. Serdari is the Founder and Executive Director of Work Out Work Up Inc. a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building confidence in teens by subsidizing their gym memberships (




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